Representative Robert Nardolillo III. Announces 3rd Annual Bow Ties Against Bullying Campaign at the State House Donations to Support the Community Against Bullying in Schools
STATE HOUSE — Representative Robert A. Nardolillo III. (R-District 28 Coventry) invites all legislators, staff and pages to support the 3rd annual “Bow Ties Against Bullying” campaign by wearing a bow tie or scarf to the State House on Thursday, May 11th, 2017. Representative Nardolillo will donate $10.00 to CABINS (Community Against Bullying in Schools) for each Representative who participates in this worthy cause. CABINS ( formed after a Rhode Island teenager committed suicide after being bullied by classmates. On June 13, 2006, 16-year-old Jeffrey Michalenka took his life after an upsetting day at school. Months later, a group of concerned moms and dads from Lincoln, Rhode Island formed CABINS to combat bullying. In 2010 and 2011, CABINS teamed up with the 3rd Eye Youth Crime Watch through the Rhode Island Attorney General’s Office and funded middle and high school conferences to overcome bullying. Hundreds of students and teachers attended and created workshops to empower crime victims in various modes. “CABINS is a wonderful organization and I am proud to join them in the fight to end bullying, and I encourage my colleagues in the General Assembly to participate along with me,” said Rep. Nardolillo. “Too many times, we have seen bullying, a destructive form of intimidation, lead to teen suicide. I hope this campaign, for the third straight year, brings additional awareness to this very real problem.” He added, “Bow Ties Against Bullying is a great way to show Rhode Island and Rhode Island teenagers, that lawmakers are united in combatting bullying, which unnecessarily claims lives. One life lost, is too many.” CABINS provides workshops about bully awareness and prevention. For more information on CABINS, please visit Photos will be taken on the House floor on Thursday. “I hope to see a sea of bow ties and scarves in support of this important fundraising effort to fight bullying,” said Rep. Nardolillo.